Studies and Consultancy

Engineering Studies and Consultancy

As an independent advisor, we will assure that the operator’s best interest always is top priority. Flowpro can offer a wide range of petroleum engineering studies and onsite consultancy. We have a proven track record of providing a wide range of value adding services. Our contributions to both major and independent oil companies range from field development planning to specialized optimization studies, such as performance improvement of multi fractured horizontal wells and recovery acceleration and improvement using well inflow control technology. We use both internally developed software and the most common commercially available tools.


Many wells, both horizontal and vertical, suffer from loss of production and early gas and water break through from wellbore pressure losses and reservoir heterogeneity. Common technologies for mitigation of these problems are static inflow control devices (ICD, PICT) and surface controlled downhole valves. A thorough understanding of the interaction between the wellbore and reservoir is critical to obtain desired effects when using these technologies. Besides contributing to the original development of ICD technology, FlowPro has helped operators maximize the benefits from applying inflow control technology. We can use internally developed models or commercially available tools such as REVEAL or ECLIPSE with multi segmented well option to analyze well and reservoir interaction to qualify and propose the most suitable application of this technology.

Too often, flow assurance of the production system is handled independent of dynamic reservoir performance. Full life cycle optimization of a petroleum asset requires an integrated analysis of all involved flow systems. If advanced wells and completions are being used, a proper representation of these are also important FlowPro can offer integrated modeling of production, injection and reservoir models through the use of Petroleum Experts IPM coupled with ECLIPES or ECLIPES with Network Option. We can therefore, provide a thorough basis for design decisions in field planning and operation.


Deciding on an optimal field development concept is the most critical decision for a successful project. Based on North Sea and Angola medium to deep water field developments experience, we can offer field development planning consisting of advise with concept selection, drilling center location, number, type and placement of wells, sizing and layout of production and injection systems. We can also help operators plan for proper Reservoir Management.