Electronically Adjustable Inflow Control Device (E-ICD)

The original inflow control device (ICD) was invented by Norsk Hydro and Kristian Brekke in 1992 to be used with sand screens. By balancing the well’s inflow profile, ICD technology made it feasible to quadruple effective horizontal wellbore lengths on Troll West. Also, the use of ICDs resulted in an improved oil recovery of approximately 25% for the same well lengths. The application of ICD’s quickly expanded to improve oil recovery for wells in heterogeneous formations when combined with annulus packers.

Further developments of ICD technology can improve robustness and extend the application, increasing the benefits of using this technology. Since early 2019, Flowpro Control AS has in collaboration with Lundin Energy developed an electronically adjustable inflow control device (E-ICD). The E-ICD provides ICDs with practical features, such as wireless, on-site adjustability and additional functionality for well treatments.

Oil field owners and operators that implement E-ICD technology in the field will benefit from increased and accelerated oil production. Also, a considerable reduction in water production reduces the energy spent on reinjecting water, which again will reduce Co2 emission.